Wednesday, February 24, 2021

GIF Day, Part 1 - Nude Snippets

I was wandering aimlessly through one of the less well organized sections of my 
archive the other day and suddenly realized that I had a whole bunch of GIF files that 
I had never posted.  So I'll take care of that omission with a double feature today.  
We start with a Bob Mizer/AMG go-go boy from the 60s.
Edited to add:  In the comments "j" says this is Monte Hansen.  I think he's right.



  1. Nice series and this dancer is superb!

  2. The tattoo on the upper right arm and the overbite are the giveaways.

    1. I knew it as soon as I saw your comment and corrected the caption. I have to confess to not being a Monte Hansen fan, but I still should have recognized him!

    2. Not a fan either but he did have a certain bad boy presence. Wonder what became of him?

    3. Chances are he used a pseudonym, thus making it very hard to track him down. The only man of the right age I could find with that name is an attorney, former prosecutor, and former deputy sheriff from Sonoma County, CA. Not likely to be our Monte, who seems to have dropped off the radar around 1974. I also found a dog groomer and a farmer.