Friday, February 12, 2021

I found a number of good photos by a photographer listed in British beefcake magazines as Pete Dobing.  Being an obsessive researcher, I started looking for more photos and information on the artist.  The only Peter Dobing I could find was an English football (soccer) star born in 1938.  Could it be the same guy?  None of the on line biographies mentioned photography, but then they might not.



  1. Nice light oil job. Despite being outdoors, the lighting nicely emphasizes the male (whose butt is magnificent, by the way) and he doesn'get "lost" against the background. Could there have been artificial lighting used here?

    1. Possibly, but not likely. I think it is simply expert exposure and developing.

  2. Goodness, what an amazing back. The light oil job certainly shows off Bryan's hard work a treat... Perhaps a reflector? The background has all the usual signs of a dull day in England. As the trees seem bare perhaps winter?

  3. I know any good photographer never leaves the lighting to chance and ALWAYS has supplemental light sources, even with full sun. Lots of these photographers did fashion magazines for most of their income and did the artistic nude work as a sideline. Most of the celebrity photographers today started out in fashion.