Wednesday, February 24, 2021


I think somebody lifted this GIF of Bill Cable off an early VHS tape.
It's long, and takes a bit to load, but it's pretty good.


  1. He appears to be using an oil can, like the one in The Wizard of Oz... That's a hoot!

  2. From AMG. Bill Cable does some naked posing in this short film titled "Bill Cable" that was released in 11971. He was also known as Stoner and he modeled for Playgirl and Colt in the late 1970s. He did some mainstream movies. He's probably best known as Johnny Boz, the guy who was murdered in the opening scene of Basic Instinct in 1992. Bill had terrible motorcycle accident in 1996. The accident gave him some serious injuries and it was listed as the cause of his death in early 1998.

    1. I knew about Bill Cable's tragic death and his Colt/Playgirl days, but not that he had worked for AMG. I'll add a tag. Thanks!