Sunday, February 28, 2021

I think this is the UK Olympic water polo team from sometime in the 1920s.  Quite different from today's aquatic athletes, and I've never figured out the guy in shoes and socks.



  1. From the look of this crew, I think you must be right. Be seen like that in Italy in the 1920s and you would have been shot for crimes against humanity. The chap in shoes is a very English phenomenon, for whom appropriate, co-ordinated clothing is anathema. You still occasionally see them around - usually in high summer, wearing a pair of grey ankle socks and sandals, shorts in a very loud shade of red, a long-sleeved striped dress shirt and a green canvas sunhat, smoking in pub car parks which seem to be their natural habitat.

    1. Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy, who is also English, often spoke of those modern types and their summer fashion disasters. Thank for a good giggle!