Thursday, March 4, 2021

Australian Men in the 20th Century

Today we look at a cross section of 20th Century nude photos of Australian men.  Percy Grainger was a musician, composer, and arranger who was born in Melbourne, Australia, but eventually settled in the USA (1914) after studying in Germany and London.  Ironically, he left the UK as a World War I draft dodger, but ended up enlisting in the US Army as a bandsman in 1917, becoming a citizen in 1918.  If the date on these nude photos is correct, they were made while he lived in London.



  1. Percy Grainger was a colossal talent and a gay man who, apparently, had an interest in sadomasochism and shared a predilection with his near contemporary T E Lawrence - better known to history as Lawrence of Arabia - of being beaten. He certainly had the cheeks for it...

    1. He was indeed an interesting character.

    2. Man! I've still got the Percy Grainger arrangement/sheet music of a Tschaikowsky Piano Concerto in my piano bench, from when it was a recital piece in the early '70's. This'll make me practice harder.

    3. I caught the pun, Anonymous. Very good!

    4. Tchaikovsky had an affair with his nephew.