Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Clavering and Parkhurst were both Royal Navy veterans, but their photos mainly 
focused on Army men.  This is from one of their few Navy series, and like most 
of their color work, was originally released only in black and white.



  1. Once again, authentic kit. I have a large number - in colour and monochrome - of this series. But I have never, ever discovered this stunning physique's name. Perhaps because he was wearing his own kit and was a serving midshipman. Everyone loves a sailor...

    1. Thanks for confirming the authenticity of his kit.

  2. The all around honesty of this photo is what makes it so incredible! Terrific!

  3. haha....... that is not an authentic sailors uniform at all. The cap is US Navy and not RN for a start. The pants shown are also wrong as, yes they have a flap, but that is not as wide as the correct RN ones were.