Friday, March 26, 2021

  Eric Pederson (real name Charles E. Putnam) was a competitive bodybuilder who posed for one of 12 covers Quaintance painted for Your Physique magazine.  He also posed semi-nude for both AMG and Spartan.  At some point, Eric and a "friend" got arrested in LA on a bum rap for grand theft auto. The story goes that when the owner of the car came to tell the cops that Eric had permission to use it, he brought a photographer (Mizer?) along.  So we have this interesting jailhouse picture.  Eric came in second to Steve Reeves in the 1947 Mr. America contest when he was only 18 and eventually went on to a fairly successful pro wrestling career.



  1. Quaintance paints Eric Pederson in a (tantalizingly scaled down) wrap-around bikini made popular by the incredibly popular Glenn Bishop, who was wearing one on the front cover of The Young Physique (incorporating ADONIS and The Young Physique) in the September of 1958. Bishop went on to market the wrap-around by mail order.

    1. I thought that looked like one of the Glenn Bishop numbers I had seen. Thanks for confirming it!