Friday, March 12, 2021

I don't quite understand the blue lines on this otherwise excellent Barrington drawing 
of two men from the early 1960s.  Do any of  you artists know the reason for them.



  1. The blue lines are an outline of the sitting man's right leg behind the standing man. You can see a similar outline of a leg next to the standing man's left keg. Barrington was deciding sitting man's right arm. It looks like the artist put two separate drawing together which it a more interesting drawing. You can also see how the artist was deciding where to place the sitting man's right leg - fully extended behind the standing man or closer to the sitting man's left leg. Non-photo blue (or non-repro blue) is a common tool used in the graphic design and print industry. It is a particular shade of blue that can not be detected by Graphic Arts Cameras or copiers. This allows artists to lay down sketch lines without the need to erase after inking.

    1. Fascinating! Thank you so much for answering my question in detail.