Saturday, March 20, 2021

Jack Thomas - More Side by Sides

Jack Thomas was a 21 year old U.S. Marine when he started posing for physique photos.  Although marketed as a competitive bodybuilder, I found only one record of him winning a prize, Junior Mr. America.  His photos seem to have appeared primarily in magazines pitched to gays.  Jack was photographed at least a dozen times nude with posing straps later drawn on for publication and distribution.  Knowing buyers would erase the posing straps from some versions to see the real deal.  Last June, I poste five side by side comparisons of these.  Today we see five more.



  1. Aw, lovely Jerry thank you. The stunning Mr Thomas. Sounds like he just liked getting his kit off.... and why not. Did he do nude work when still a Marine?

    1. I think so David, mainly because there are so few non-nudes out there other than those modified in postproduction. There is a Russ Warner series of about six shots showing him in a leopard skin posing strap, but he looks older (to me, anyway) than in the full frontal nudes which comprise the bulk of my collection.

    2. Thank for the further information. He's one of my favourites.