Sunday, March 28, 2021

Undies Sundays Redux

I had a request to revive the old Undies Sundays feature, so here it is, at least this once.
This guy looks a lot like he's waiting for somebody special.
Edited to add:  Check the comments for two interesting takes on this model.
I'm inclined to go with jsstrand on this being Jerry Murray by RA.



  1. This guy looks so familiar - so I went through a bunch of old mags - I believe his name is Jerry Murray although not absolutely certain about the last name - he did a set of duals with a guy named Bruce by R.A. Enterprises - one of the photos was used on the cover of a novel called "Jerry and Jim" pub by Guild Press and available through Village Books and Press, New York. This info is from issue #24 Grecian Guild Studio Quarterly - no date given but I'm guessing mid 60s - there, now I can sleep lol!!

  2. My guess would be that he's a Manning brother.

    1. There is a resemblance, but I'm not sure it's one of the Mannings.