Monday, April 5, 2021

Is this some post-sauna ritual, or are they just having a wash?



  1. Closer to a ritual. After a sauna, one is supposed to plunge into a cold pool or lake, or pour cold water over one's body if the others are not available. When I visited Sweden, my friend's brother and I went to their sauna in the country. We saunaed, jumped off a dock into the coldest f**king lake in the world, then repeated it three more times. (Not one covered up penis in the group, by the way.) At first I was sure it would prove fatal, but in the end, I felt FANTASTIC.

  2. yes, you do 3 cycles.
    My personal sauna record was jumping into a hole in a river with the air temperature al -17 C (we had to break a fine layer of ice on the hole)

    Commenting about another photo:
    Yes the glistening is sweat. And if you take a loofah and/or pumice stone with you and use the loofah to scrub all over you skin and use the pumice on your feet and elbows you will leave the sauna without any calluses and with the softest, cleanest skin possible.
    In many Nordic countries you use a bunch of birch branches to massage yourself or between each other, in case you don't have time to prepare yourself there are available even at big supermarkets or farmer markets
    A couple of my sauna friends use to shave too.

    This is the reason that if you do a sauna once or twice per week you don't need to shower very often on winter.