Friday, April 9, 2021

Instead of fully relaxing, the model in this Don Wight piece seems to be making an effort to stare directly at the artists.  Hopefully, my life model friend in London will comment on this.



  1. Lovely pose. Although they cause all sorts of foreshortening fun for the artists, this type of pose often generates some lovely art work. Also, generally very relaxing for the model. As to the apparent stare at the artist. This seem to be a slightly "spaced out" expression. In general the model will avoid looking directly at the artist, unless perhaps a portrait session as both tend to find it off putting. I usually find a point in the studio such as a light switch to set my gaze when modelling.

    1. True. I sat for a portrait as a shill for a sidewalk artist on Jackson Square in New Orleans once. I got a free portrait and he had six more customers signed up for later by the time he finished with me. Win, win. He told me to stare straight at him the whole time, and I did.

    2. I've only done portrait with a solo artist a couple of times. We both had trouble keeping a straight face. Both were nude, so he concentrated on the rest of me, my face just a sketch.