Friday, April 9, 2021

The multi-angular line technique is this drawing is quite a contrast to most of Wight's work.
The modified "bulldog" pose is also rare for the 1950s.



  1. Wow. Sadly most models rarely get to pose like this. As you may know spread legs poses like this for male and female models is usually considered a bit rude. A pity as it gives a chance to draw the back of the scrotum, with the different "hang" compared with the front. They may also choose to draw the anus. I have posed like this a couple of times. First when wrestling, where spread leg poses are impossible to avoid. Also once unaware I was being drawn from the rear. The artist apologised, however the drawing was rather beautiful and very detailed.

    1. One person's artistic authenticity might seem rude to another. At least you liked the semi-clandestine spread leg from behind piece.

    2. We both agreed that it was a good likeness.