Saturday, April 3, 2021

Lou Zivkovich is not only a personal favorite Playgirl model for me, but he was also an 
unlikely civil rights poster boy.  When he first posed nude, he was a P.E. teacher at a high 
school in a small California town, and the school board tried to fire him for it.  Lou took them 
to court and won.  At some point I will run out of "new" pictures of this handsome man to post, 
but I'll probably just start over from the beginning.  He's really that good.



  1. Let's face it, you wouldn't have had to go so far as taking your clothes off to get on the wrong side of the Harper Valley PTA!

    1. You got that right. Plus, it's too bad he wasted that bod and male gear on a buncha women! ☺

    2. I've always wondered exactly what portion of Playgirl's sales went to gay men. It had to be significant, but I did know some women who subscribed.

  2. Tell me about it. When I was running, if I was not in London, I lived in a country village on the outskirts of a small county town. I occasionally trained with a guy called John, who was in the County League, whilst I was in the Independent Schools League, as you had to be permanently resident in a county to qualify. (It made no difference as both leagues came together at the quater-final stage at national level.) One day, John pointed out a woman walking towards us, with her wheeled basked in tow. She was, he explained, a Mrs Sidebottom, married to a mousey little man who was a clerk at the Town Hall. Sidebottom (pronounced "side" and "bottom") is a surname derived from a place name in Cheshire, which in turn comes from the Old English "sid", meaning "wide", and "botm", which implied the "bottom of a valley". Mrs Sidebottom was custodian of the town's morals, politically somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun, a social climbing snob and, needless to say, a devoted Christian, on the PTA of John's school. She had decided that her name should be pronounced sidee-bottohm, with the stress on the last syllable. The only problem was that John's mother was Queen Bee of the Townswomen’s Guild and a force to be reckoned with. John ruthlessly exploited the town's politics by baiting and goading her by refusing to pronounce her name as she wanted. As she waddled towards us, John said, "I'll introduce you, it'll make her day." We duly stopped so that she could ensure that John was behaving himself, as he greeted her "Good afternoon, Mrs Side-Bottohm. Introducing me and telling her which school I attended, she quite literally gave a little shimmy of delight, which came to an abrupt end when I said, "Good afternoon, Mrs Sidee-Bottom. If looks could kill. John ended up in America, somewhere, but I've never forgotten our gales of laughter.

  3. Heaven forfend... With her tortured vowels, it would have made Mr Seedeebottohm Lord Bottom.

  4. He's definitely one The Most Gorgeous of all time!