Saturday, April 3, 2021

If you think you've seen these two before, you have.  The Rogers Brothers appeared
 in Playgirl in August of 1974 and have been on this blog at least twice in the past.



  1. If I had sons that good looking they'd be on billboards across the US and Canada...Were they of our persuasion?

    1. What's interesting is how younger millennials/older zoomers seem to prefer showering together. A few years back, Dear Abby even had a parent asking why her son and his friends would even shower together at home.

      Xennials for the most part did not care, but the ACLU did.

    2. So what did the ACLU do? I know as a Boomerbwe swam and showered in the raw until a number of years after I was out of college. Pa. used to require showers after gym class. Our gym teacher raised holy hell if he caught someone trying to skip the showers. But my mother and several others questioned the practice, and my dad and my buddy's dad told them to butt out and leave that stuff to the men to take care of. We Boomers seem to have weatheted rhe storm.