Saturday, April 17, 2021

Stafford & Amati

The imagery in this Kris Studio photo from a Rawhide magazine spread is just too good to pass up.
The two guys are Johnny Amati (on the fencepost) and someone named Stafford.  The photo shoot was hokey beyond belief.  It was done on an Illinois farm, they only had one hat and pair of cowboy boots for two characters, and they used a BB gun and a Shetland pony as props.  Still, it sold.
Used by kind permission of copyright holder, Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago.



  1. These two are the best-looking males in this posting, but "cowboydom" is definitely absent. Do you know when this shoot was done?

    1. About 1967, very soon after partial legalization of frontal.

  2. Jerry, on Men from bBack Then" I found another pic of Amati and JACK Stafford in a still frm a film called "The Hired Hand." Is this from the same film?

  3. of course it sold... I would have bought a magazine's worth of Johnny Amati if he had been dressed up as Little Bo-Peep!