Sunday, April 11, 2021

Western Skies with WPG, Part 1 - Don Whitman Classic Nudes

Don Whitman of Western Photography Guild is justifiably listed among the greatest physique photographers, and his use of the Western landscape is legendary.  Today we will have a double feature of his outdoor work, starting with nudes and this great shot of Ronnie Moore.



  1. The pose and the lighting makes me think of the Black Panther and his creator, the late comic book artist and legend, Jack Kirby. If Kirby had ever used models to draw T'Challa in all his glory, Ronnie Moore and this excellent photograph of him would have been perfect ... in my estimation.

    1. The Nude Gods?

      But yeah, though using physique models is more something I could see George Pérez doing. I mean, given we have notes about Raven's breasts and pinups of Robin and Kid Flash in their underwear.

    2. OMG. I've seen the underwear art, which made me uncomfortable when I first saw one of them as a teenager. This is the first I've heard about the notes concerning Raven's breasts. There was weird stuff going on in "The New Teen Titans."

  2. Liking the contrast in light and dark.

  3. The model's smile improves an already good photo.