Thursday, May 27, 2021


Al Rich had oil on his body and wax, probably a popular brand 
called "Butchwax," on his hair in this photo by Dave Martin.
It took some pretty stiff product to get those tufts at the side to stand up.



  1. Belle coiffure et beau buisson aussi !
    Nice hairstyle and beautiful bush too!

  2. My older brother was really proud of his Butch Wax. I thought it smelled good.

  3. I remember as a little kid in the 60's seeing guys with various styles of flattops. It didn't seem to matter whether it was the real short "horseshoe" type or the longer on the sides "with fenders", both styles always got liberal amounts of Butch Wax. Seems like every older guy, like my uncle, proudly wouldn't walk outside without a lot of the shiny product to keep his hair up all day. It had that unforgettable, ultra masculine fragrance (no need for cologne), and the whole "wet comb" routine that all the guys did to keep it shiny and all the hair in place. It must be the lack of fragrance that doesn't have any effect with the modern versions.

    1. That scent was wonderfully masculine without being overpowering. They got it just right.