Monday, May 31, 2021

Blue Skies

After an uncharacteristically long spate of overcast days, we finally have brilliant sunshine 
in my part of Hawaii today.  I'm celebrating by putting on a rare all color series of men 
silhouetted against blue skies, and we start with Johnny Stumps by Bob Mizer of AMG.



  1. Ah, one of those "faces" I remember from the past... I always enjoyed Johnny Stumps. He did a number of series for AMG and then suddenly disappeared. By the time I came to gaze upon him, the Vietnam War was raging and I've often wondered if he was drafted. Thank you, Mr Stumps, you helped me through adolescence!

    1. I wonder if he knew he'd still be popular today?

  2. Any chance of doing a series in Hawaii?

  3. Light oil and beautiful glow of that bronze body against the sky. Not sure what to make of the pose, though. Is it "odd?"

  4. Jerry, I love (& needed) the "Blue Skies" motif today, and all the models certainly complete the view.
    NJ also got slammed in the past 2 1/2 days with unusually cold (20 degrees below normal), & extremely wet weather. The sun is back this morning, but still in the 50s. So grateful to have your pics to help me warm back up ... lol. A million thx for all your work.