Sunday, May 2, 2021

British Edition

The Young Physique, a British beefcake magazine, did a cover featuring Mike Sill in 1960, 
well after his physique modeling days were over.  Mike's hair looks bleached, which was 
something he did while working for Bruce of LA.  The setting and style of the photo, however, 
make one think of Dave Martin.  Adding to my confusion is the fact that Mike did a two year 
stint in the UK as Mormon missionary, so it may even possibly be by a British photographer.


  1. Tan lines and a strap...again, an interesting juxtaposition. Wrre the Brits covering up male models back then?6

  2. I do hope this shot was taken in the UK. Looking at the geology it could be the south west. Such a shame we didn't have much in the way of nude physique photography. There is some naturist stuff, but not very good.

    1. I was thinking Cornwall or Devon. The Lizard Peninsula looks like this.

    2. Yes, could well be. From the tan line he had been wearing a style of surprisingly brief trunks I remember being popular here in the early to mid sixties. That magazine is the same age as me!

    3. It does indeed look very much like South Cornwall. The magazine is two years older than me but, as I have said on here before, so much better than anything we see today.

    4. Thanks for your input on the location, Phil. And yes, it's better that what we see nowadays.

  3. Sill looks good in color no matter his hair color. Looks like he is just perched above the roiling waves, you can easily get swept away if you're not careful.
    Once posed nude in a tidepool on the California coast and got inundated by an unexpected wave, not fun....:)