Sunday, May 16, 2021

Career moves

Rather than kick back at the beach after his pro wrestling career ended in 1958, Bob McCune briefly took up used car sales in Los Angeles.  Tiring of that, he became a salesman for the Encyclopedia Britannica, and won top national sales awards through the 60's into the 70's.



  1. Are you sleeping or waiting for me?
    Man of the sea, I dream of thee.
    Are you a sailor of the sea meant to come to me?
    As ocean waters hit the sand, was it meant to be?
    Man of the sea.
    With time at hand, you lay on the sand.
    The sun warms your naked body and your skin.
    As I wonder will you go back in?
    Into the sea?
    The breeze cools your handsome face.
    As again I wonder- will you, go back to swim in the corals of lace?
    And come back to me, from the sea.
    The ocean waters as they touch the land, makes me say -
    They swim ocean waters and on the sand they will lay, waiting for someone to come their way.
    Sailors and men of the sea sometimes answer to me.
    I have seen them come, I have seen them go and I have seen them live in their lust of life and I wonder, will you come back to me, my man of the sea?

    -a poem, a tale by RJ in the IE.

  2. Imaginez tomber sur ce bel homme sur le sable a la plage.
    Ses monticules callipyges seraient servis avec plaisir et sa bite aspiree de son essence. Son physique est l'essence du sexe masculine.

    Gentilhomme a Paris