Tuesday, May 11, 2021


The quality on this crew cut beauty's derriere shot screams "professional,"
and the palmetto backdrop (if that's what it is) looks familiar,
but I don't have a clue as to who he or the photographef might be.



  1. I have a Kensington Road reissue of a series by Bruce Bellas of Art Ulrich swinging low against a backdrop of palmetto, if that's of any help - with hairstyles indicating early '60s, and what I take to be similar shutter speed given the finish of the photo.

    1. That said, I wonder if this could be Mike Kelley. The build - from the rear - and hair tally. I have a series of shots of him in a desert setting dated 1962 by Mel Roberts - but no palmetto.

    2. I just checked my Ulrich files, and it's not him. His hair was much darker even when he wore a crew cut, and his torso is shaped a bit differently. Nice, mind you, just different. It does resemble Mike Kelly, though.

    3. I wasn't meaning it was Ulrich, just the same locale, which looks very similar and known to have been used by Bruce Bellas.

    4. Duh. I hadn't finished my first cup of coffee when I read that.

  2. Like you guys, I find the palmetto background tantalizingly familiar. The man has a nice posterior, doesn'he? Nice tan line, too.