Friday, May 28, 2021

Come to the station

"You've been such a bad, bad boy.  Now come along with me to the station."
And speaking of the station, Harry Daley once took his lover J.R. Ackerley to 
spend the night in his sleeping cubicle at the police station.  The officer in charge 
said nothing, apparently being used to it.  Ackerley was writing for the BBC at the 
time and arranged for Harry to be interviewed on the radio about his police work.



  1. I had often wondered what the story was behind this photograph - and now I know. Thank you so much.

  2. Judging by the smile on his face this bad boy doesn't seem to mind being apprehended by PC Daley. Great body and his swimming trunks certainly fit nicely.

  3. Are they really "swimming trunks" or the ~1930s high-waisted version of tighty-whities?

    1. That's a good question. Calorman is something of an expert on period clothing, so perhaps he will enlighten us.

    2. Hopefully he will. Before I posted this question (to be sure the time line was feasible) I looked up a little history of the brief. Jockey introduced Jockey Shorts in the 30s after being inspired by the men he saw in France wearing bikini-style swim suits.

    3. From Calorman via email: ". . . it is clearly not underwear, which was usually vented. A more reliable method of dating is Harry Daley's PC uniform, which remains essentially Victorian but has lost the belt - placing this image in the 1920s. Working on this information, he seems to be in a tie-belt pair of box-cut trunks - probably in light, machine-stitched wool - which falls slap, bang in the the mid-1920s. They were never vented. They tie on the left, which would fit the right-handed dominance of nearly everything at that period. Even as late as this in the all-male environment of a gymnasium, men would work-out, lift weights and also play five-a-side indoor soccer - as well as some other disciplines - in trunks such as these."

    4. Thanks for the clarification.