Friday, May 7, 2021

Fetishes by Kris and Etienne, Part 2 - Etienne's drawings

Chuck Renslow (Kris Studio) and artist Etienne, aka Dom Orejudos, were lovers for a time and business partners for even longer.  When it comes to fetishes, Etienne's volume of work far exceeds that of Kris, and I'm just getting started with five in today's second half of our double feature.  We'll begin with  a pirate drawing (only one of several by Etienne) that gives added meaning to "booty."

All of today's images used by the kind permission of the copyright holder,
the Leather Archives & Museum of Chicago, Illinois, USA.



  1. Is it just me, or does the man in the middle of the drawing look worried? Could he be afraid of being...uh...stuck in the back because of the peekaboo stance?

    1. Yes, he looks worried, and he probably should be. His hands are chained, and I think he is either a prisoner or a slave.