Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Gymnastics Day

Today is Gymnastics Day, and we start the show with Claude Pedro Saba,
probably photographed by Bob Harvest at a French nudist resort.



  1. Superbe athlète !! Ni trop musclés, si trop huilé, j'adore ! En plus, un très beau buisson bien noir comme je les aime!!!
    Superb athlete !! Not too muscular, so too oiled, I love it! In addition, a very beautiful black bush as I like them !!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, Jean, quite. I only wish there were more photos of him available.

  3. What a handsome man and a stunning physique. I agree with Albert about the beautiful black bush. Do you know anything about the model, Jerry. Was he a gymnast or bodybuilder? Do you have any more photos of him?

  4. He's got a typical gymnasts body. I've never known a gymnast to take steroids (the bulk is unwanted) orbecome a bodybuilder. I'm sure there have been one or two exceptions, but most of us don't consider bodybuilding a sport. And most gymnasts are 5'6" and shorter.

    1. I hadn't particularly thought about it, but what you say is true.

  5. A sunning and handsome man. Classic gymnast physique with the very broad shoulders. As Greggy says, usually of a short build, which helps when performing and also this makes their compact body look even more impressive...even better when nude.