Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Is this in the Olympics?

I like the approach these guys took, but I could suggest a few even more interesting arrangements.



  1. La position que j'apprécierais encore plus, c'est que l'athlète qui est sur les jambes de l'homme posé soit retourné et qu'il ai la bouche vers les fesses du partenaire LOL
    The position that I would appreciate even more is that the athlete who is on the legs of the posed man is turned over and has his mouth towards the buttocks of the partner LOL

  2. These trunks were elasticated at waist and leg and padded with layers of cotton known as "ouate" (from the French) or quilted padding. They came into use by strong men, acrobatic circus performers and also music hall variety acts to avoid hip injuries because the raffia or hemp mats made for a hard landing. They were abandoned when industrialized rubber could be made in strips for matting.

  3. Pure theater/circus. The padding makes perfect sense, although these guys are on a padded mat, I'm sure that wasn't usually the case .