Thursday, May 20, 2021


Time for more hippies, starting with this guy whose photo is labeled "69."
Must have been the year.



  1. Handsome enough, I guess, but no John Weideman.

    1. Look for more of Mr. Weidemann in a few weeks. He's getting his own day.

    2. The facial hair probably puts him in the hippie category, but he was the epitome of 70's perfection. I got a lot of work in New York with a similar haircut back in the 70's and early 80's and I wasn't a hippie. Very few of us had pompadours or flattops back then.

  2. I thought for just a moment that this was a photo of Maxime Le Forestier, the French singer-songwriter, who lived in San Francisco at that time with flowers in his hair and had an enormous hit back home with "C'est une maison bleue", which seems to have been some sort of domestic collective. Leaning up against one of SF's hills, the house has been repainted to its original colour. But it isn't - the subject is himself and a very spécimen splendide.