Wednesday, May 19, 2021

John III

Bruce found John Knight a nice level rock to pose on in this desert valley.



  1. I like that "Mona Lisa" smile. The pose seems a bit cliched, but oh that body!

  2. I can hardly imagine Bruce Bellas directing his models to "dress" in a certain way, but I can't help noticing that at a time when what one couldn't see was as important as what one could, very many of his subjects seem to fill their straps in a way that other photographers didn't manage to achieve - and there are several examples of this in today's short run. I have often wondered if he handed out straps specifically designed for this outcome or he chose models of above average endowment - or it was a trick of his accomplished lighting.

    1. In my opinion, Bruce knew what he was doing at every step of the way from model selection to final print finishing in the lab, so it was probably "all of the above."