Friday, May 28, 2021


I might have posted the languidly posed young man before, but he's worth a repeat.



  1. Languidly posed is the perfect description for this lovely photo of a beautiful young man. This is an excellent series. Again, do you have any idea when and where this was taken?

  2. There used to be several private bordellos in Paris {before they were all closed down in 1946} that catered to gay men.
    Some of them catered to the wealthy and were known for their handsome men, luxurious trappings and most importantly DISCRETION !
    In WW2 they even catered to Germans. Right after the war Americans.

    Perhaps our model was a "gentil homme" of the house.
    Photographs of bordellos were popular at that time. (20s,30s,40s)
    -Rj in the IE

    1. Yes, there are other Paris bordello photos, and I may have posted at least one in the past.

  3. The experienced escort, the favorite of the wealthy. A beau mec.
    Laying on his bed of pillows in a private Maison de Plaisir.
    Renowned for his sexual repertoire and discretion.
    The stories he could tell of special requests, fetes and orgies.
    Absinthe and opium, cognac and cocaine, whiskey and cannabis.
    A life of luxury and decadence. Champagne and caviar.
    The 'saison' at Deauville, the parties at Cap Antibes
    The Carnaval at Nice, an ocean voyage on the Normandie, a flight to Greece.
    Paris, nightclubbing and fine dining, Folies Bergere or Grand Vefour anyone?
    Shopping the Grand Magasins or the Haute Couture stores.
    Driving the Bugatti or was it the Delahaye? down the Champs de Elysees.
    Walks through Parc Monceau or the Jardin du Luxembourg.
    The Tour Eiffel, the Louvre and the great museums. The cafes.
    Montmartre and her artistes, one of whom was inviting. Place Pigalle of the demi-monde, the pimp who was demanding. Palais Garnier, the innocent
    ballet dancer, he was a conquest to remember! The Left Bank of students and tourists, quick liaisons all. The Madeleine, ducking in for a prayer, even a hustler has some faith.
    And in a few more years the great collapse and deluge of WWII and the Occupation.
    Will our beau mec survive?
    -Rj in the IE