Sunday, June 20, 2021

It's all Greek

Grecian Guild Pictorial was published from 1955 to 1968 in Washington, D.C.  Unlike most others of the genre, it didn't pretend to be about bodybuilding or fitness, pitching itself as based on the ideals of Greek art.  The second owner of this publication, Lynn Womack won one of the first legal cases overturning some elements of the obscenity laws in 1962.  Although GGP had a small studio operation, a lot of the photos it published were by Bob Mizer of AMG.



  1. Looks like Steve Wengryn to me - he must be older than I thought since this has 1955 date on it - I thought he started around early 60s

    1. I agree that this is Wengryn, and I have some photos of him by Al Urban that look like mid to late 50s style.

    2. Steve Wengryn graduated high school in New Jersey in 1956. He is in the Summer 1956 Physique Pictorial.I see by this magazine that he was modeling even earlier than that.


    Fascinating article mentions Steve Wengryn 1936-1998