Saturday, June 12, 2021

Larry by Kris

In the first of two Kris photos in today's series, we see Larry Meadows in boots with a smoke.
The light here seems to come from two directions to quite good effect.
Used by kind permission of copyright holder, Leather Archives & Museum of Chicago.



  1. Another great photo in this excellent series. There is such a strong erotic charge to this image. Mr Meadows is a real stunner. Did he pose for many photos? I haven't come across him before.

    1. Yes, I have five other photos of him, split between Kris and Bruce of LA. Chuck Renslow did make at least one working trip to LA during his career, but I suppose it is possible that Larry got to Chicago at some point. The staging and style of the photos are roughly similar, so I'd guess they were shot in LA.

    2. Thanks for the additional information, Jerry. It would be nice to see more of Larry Meadows if you are able to fit him in a future series.

    3. I'll see what I can do, but it will be at least a couple of weeks. Fully booked until then, I'm happy to say.