Friday, June 4, 2021

Of Men and Horses

This photo was made inside Thorak's Munich studio.  He had a thing for horses and burly men, but it isn't clear if these two were separate or intended to be part of the same piece.  Speaking of horses, Thorak sculpted the two colossal horses that stood outside Hitler's Chancellery in Berlin.  Placed in storage following World War II, the horses "disappeared" in the chaos when the Berlin Wall fell and were not recovered until just a few years ago when they were found in a private warehouse.



  1. I doubt these two pieces were meant to be together because the scale of the two statues are completely different. I don't see a man scaled that size standing next to a horse his size or smaller. Unless it was supposed to be a German version of Paul Bunyan. I can't get over how beautiful his work is.

    1. I think you're right, and they just happened to be near each other when the picture was made. Yes, Prof. Thorax was good, but he came to regret taking all those Nazi commissions.