Thursday, June 3, 2021

Middle Aged Nudist Men . . . Mostly Hairy

Today we look at yet more gleanings from my collection of nudist photos.
Today we look at some middle aged men, mostly hairy.  This fellow has a beard as a bonus.



  1. No real shadows,but handsome male gear. And the "pose" is natural and relaxed, almost as if he weren't aware of being photographed. And he is such a hunk!

  2. Ditto... I broke into a sweat at the sight of this one.

  3. Hairy yes, but shaved balls?

  4. A man in his prime - who knows it. It has been said that at 50, a man no longer gives a toss what others think and at the age of 60, he doesn't give a damn. By the time he's 70, of course, it's an airborne liaison. I think we ought to name this "A Study in Confidence".