Friday, June 11, 2021

Peekaboo Fog

This Vaughan photo is partially fogged, but I like the young man's expression . . .
and the peekaboo glimpse of the jewels through the towel.



  1. In keeping with many men of his class and background, Vaughn's homosexuality drew him into the company of working class men, many of whom lived on the margins of respectable society and automatically shunned convention. Not solely for money, many of these young men freely indulged in gay sex for the simple reason that it was the only sexual outlet for them outside an unlikely marriage. If I have identified the subject of this photograph correctly, this likely lad is one Johnny Walsh, described as a "small-time criminal and boxer".

    1. Your social comments are spot on, and Johnny would definitely fit the pattern as described. That was not just a British thing, either. Kinsey and others since him have noted much the same thing in American society with a few nuances.