Saturday, June 12, 2021

Vic by Douglas of Detroit

Vic Seipke and his pompadour have made numerous appearances here on the blog,
and this beautifully lighted number by Doug Juleff is a good addition to the lineup.



  1. More often than not - in any discipline of any sort - one wonders if a contemporary fashion isn't just a ten-day wonder. There are exceptions, and I think with Seipke, at the time he was active, no one doubted that he was the real McCoy. One does not have to treat his physique within an historical context - other than Classical - as dated, but one can and perhaps ought to treat this photograph, thanks to Juleff's lighting, as a "period piece" of excellence. What a fantastic image.

    1. We can only wonder about how many other outstanding photos were destroyed by the Detroit Police and Mr. Juleff's own father.

    2. We should all be thankful that this outstanding photo wasn't destroyed. Between them Doug Juleff and Vic Seipke created an image of true beauty.

  2. One of the most truly beautiful models of all time!