Thursday, June 10, 2021

Well lighted

Whoever took this photo got the light in just the right places.



  1. This is Bob Bishop. One of my favorites. A porn star from the early days who is apparently still with us, and still looking good.

  2. Well spotted. Yes, this is the handsome Bob Bishop who is one of my favourites too. I've never come across this photo before so really pleased see it. The light is perfect in highlighting Bob's assets.

    Bob was in two Falcon movies (Hayride and Ramcharger) in the early 80s both of which have stood the test of time really well. Bob's scene with Ed Wiley in Ramcharger is so good. Prior to this he had a very brief role in the (mainstream) 1979 crime film Hardcore starring George C. Scott. Bob played Stud #1 and was billed under his real name of Michael Allan Helie.

    I can confirm that Bob is still with us and looking very good. I came across his Facebook page a while back which said that he works in Property Management in LA. There was a great picture of him sitting on the beach (in swimming trunks). He's sporting a tache and looking good.