Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Apollo, aka R.A. Enterprises, aka Zenith, aka Richard Fontaine

Richard Fontaine was a physique photographer active from the late 1940's through at least the end of the 60's.  He worked under a number of trade names (see heading above) over those years, but today we will be looking at his Apollo branded offerings.  There are a limited number of models in this category, so two of my favorites will get double duty today.  We start with Dale Rossiter.



  1. I like this series. It seems a bit off-beat, and there are so many fine young stallions at play or posing. Good job, Jerry, or to paraphrase Ms. Spears, Oops, I think you did it again.

    1. I try to keep things interesting, Leroy. Glad you enjoyed it!