Sunday, June 20, 2021

What a difference a decade makes, Part 1 - Days of Restraint

Today we look at the radical changes in gay publications that took place between the early 1950's 
and the late 60's.  Part one features classic physique magazines that were ostensibly about body building or in a few cases art, but were really all about putting hunky men in front of gays as 
close to nude as the law would allow.  Of course, we have to start with a twofer from that 
all-time classic Physique Pictorial, the personal publication of Bob Mizer of AMG.



  1. Mr Seipke's posing strap is unusually on the large size in this image, but perhaps the photo was retouched for the front cover, as I can hardly imagine him shaving. In fact, I think he might have sported the smallest straps of his contemporaries and perhaps got away with it because he was too popular and successful for the authorities to pick a fight with him.

  2. My understanding of posing then, as today, was that the competitive bodybuilders manscaped to the "Brazilian" standard for competitions as well as photo shoots. They also maintained their competitive shape all 12 months of the year, as opposed to today's steroid monstrosities.

    1. I'm quite sure on occasions that was true, but most if not all pictures of Vic Seipke display an "overflow" of pubic hair in an undersized posing strap.

    2. FWIW, Mr. Seipke's hairdo is a bit restrained here as well.