Sunday, July 18, 2021

Kid and Alex

In the first of two duos in today's series we see 
Kid Pomer and Alex Nitzche leaning against a stump.



  1. Two good looking guys. What I particularly like about Ferrero's work is seeing gorgeous guys as nature intended within nature ... and the beautiful sunny French Riviera at that. His photos give me a wonderful sense of sheer abandoned freedom, glorious sunshine and joy.

    1. What you describe is indeed the hallmark of Ferraro's career.

    2. Gorgeous work. Yes, men in nature as nature intended....perfect.

  2. Those names. Now thinking of an old webcomic, where the protagonist is a musician video game character (not a real video game) named Alex Kidd who reacts with horror and revulsion to seeing over the fourth wall, and is wanted by the bad guys due to a glitch in his source code that can destroy the internet.

    Thank you, physique mags, for dredging up this tiny memory of my past and an irrelevant part of your future.

  3. Nice bodies, interesting pose.

  4. Ils ressemblent presque a des freres jumeaux.
    Jeunesse de la Cote d'Azure que j'ai pu voir intime.

    Gentilhomme a Paris