Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Larry and Dale

This is the first of two AMG photos of Larry Carr and Dale Curry together in today's series.
The otherwise idyllic scene seems odd as it looks like Larry is about to dump Dale in the water.
If you have other theories about the scenario, please tell us in the comments.



  1. I can't begin to figure a reason for this pose. But it occurred to me that, though these males are purported to be straight, carrying a man like this would put his maleness up against the carrier. How do you think they felt about this? I have seen numerous photos where the pose called for contact with another man's gear. Posing straps would definitely not prevent feeling a man's gear.

    1. They probably just shrugged and said, "All in a days work." They were being paid after all.

  2. They are Larry Carr and Ralph Carpenter.