Monday, July 5, 2021

Willie and Steve

Willie Montalban and Steve Spurgeon are all over each other in this AMG photo complete with 
Mizer's tattle tale squiggles and short bios.  Willie was from Pecos, Texas . . . a place I am 
quite familiar with and a very good place to be from, as in away from.



  1. The male on the right's facial expression says he's ready....

  2. It's unusual for guys who fought in Vietnam to admit they were in the military, as these guys did, and they were in Vietnam. VERY unpopular war that found veterans spat upon and called baby killers. Kind of weird that Mizer would mention their military status as a selling point, probably felt a need to explain their tattoos. At that point ln time, mostly felons and junkies had tattoos.

    1. There was a special place in Mizer's world for Marines, based on what I've read. Not all military men of that era served in Vietnam. I knew two guys who got drafted and spent the war in Germany.

  3. True about the the soldiers stationed other places than Vietnam, but most U.S. civilians never made that distinction. Even if you were in the medical corps and NEVER touched a gun, I personally saw the derision and hate directed at them. The protesters usually assumed they were lying, even if they served in the Air Force (which was notorious for never touching a gun).