Monday, August 23, 2021

Anatomical Text

I've posted the stray example of anatomical photos before, but today that will be the whole series.  All of today's photos come from a single group that appears to have been used in an early 20th Century textbook.  The book must have been published on cheap paper because all these photos had some of the worst yellowing I have ever come across.  So, I will disclose up front that I used software to get rid of it.  We start with a guy who's almost in a ballet position, but I'm sure it's something else.



  1. We're these men paid, or were they "student volunteers?" Were the classes coed, or all male?

    1. I don't know if the models were paid, but these books were published at at time when a few women did study the subject in mixed classes.

    2. A stunning young man. maybe an art student or, looking at his trained lean body, a dancer? A useful resource for the poor artist or women to draw from. Always enjoy seeing these, his is immortalised.