Friday, August 6, 2021

Australia Day, Part 1 - Nude Photos

Time for another Australia Day double feature, and part one has a variety of nude photos.  I can't tell if these guys just swam at the beach or just finished showering because the truck looks like it might be a mobile shower, but then again the beach is right there.  Maybe both.  The two men in the foreground seem to be sharing a towel, and the picture was Taken in Geraldton, Australia in 1942.



  1. I have not swum in the ocean much, but when I did, it always felt good to shower off the salt water residue. Maybe that's what we t on here.

  2. Je ne savais pas que marcher la tête en bas (vu par un européens) formait d'aussi beaux culs !!! Lol
    I did not know that walking upside down (seen by a European) made such beautiful asses !!! Lol

    1. I knew there had to be a reason. Thank you, Albert.