Tuesday, August 10, 2021


I had to include this G-rated picture because of the double foldout.
Both the turntable and the album cover fold out for full enjoyment.
Also, one of my college roommates had a stereo just like this one.



  1. One of my cousins had a stereo like that, too.

  2. I had a small, mono, Bush record player with the same mechanism which allowed you to stack several singles (45rpm) which then dropped, one after the other, for automatic play. The only problem was that the dog found this fascinating and would bark louder than the volume on the record player was capable. A propos of strictly nothing, does anyone else remember the "12 Inches of Pleasure" label? They specialized in High Energy remixes.

    1. Somehow I missed out on that label. I do recall a tawdry song by Aerosmith called "My Big 10 Inch," however.

  3. What I fixated on were the mid 60's Chrysler muscle car replicas. I found the model and hi-fi stereo mediocre, but very representative of the mid 60's. This was the era that started the trends towards smaller components and digital everything. It's amazing what a college student will drag into their dormitory room.