Sunday, August 8, 2021

Man of Steel

I somehow failed to use this photo of Bruce Schorb in my Superman series.



  1. At least we get to see it now. A cape would have put this over into farce, but I like that bulging posing strap. At least we know why it's bulging! Lol.

  2. Bruce Schorb is one of the "faces" I remember from way back when, but it is only after years of training the eye that I have come to agree with you, Jerry, that Schorb was clearly a "natural". Also, he always seems as if he is enjoying himself. Bruce Bellas never missed a trick, and I know you're not too keen on colour photography from this period, but this image is near perfect - focus, pose, lighting and shadow. Perhaps it was because that post war, we in Britain had such poor quality paper, such bad reproduction and thus so few colour publications, that this series of images would automatically have been a treat. It seems that colour photography in particular was very expensive to publish. (I had a cousin who was a plant and tree illustrator who was regularly commissioned to illustrate encyclopedia and gardening books because the colour photography was so garish. It kept her gainfully employed for many years.) If Bruce had an unfailing eye in bringing out the best in his models, in Bruce Schorb, he had the best to bring out.

    1. I've gradually changed my opinion about post-war color work, and photos like this are part of the reason. I'm even planning an all color series in a few weeks using work by Don Whitman of Western Photography Guild.