Monday, August 9, 2021

Medical exams again

Today we revisit the clinics for some guys getting a variety of exams or shots, as in this case.  This is one of those pictures where they guys have been painted with codes, I suppose to denote what they need or what their status might be.  The last time I posted one of these, we determined that one poor guy probably had pneumonia.  I'm guessing he got rejected for service, at least temporarily.



  1. Can you see this happening today? Those male's had more confidence in themselves, and being naked wasn't sexual...o tempores, o mores!

  2. J'ai eu beaucoup de vaccin quand j'ai été incorporé à l'armée. Malheureusement, les officiers ne nous mettait que le torse nu. J'aurais bien aimé défilé nu et voir tous les autres nu aussi. Ce garçons à un superbe pubis, si je l'avais vu avec moi, je me demande si j'aurais pu dissimuler mon homosexualité ;-)
    I had a lot of vaccine when I joined the military. Unfortunately, the officers only put our bare chests on us. I would have liked to parade naked and see all the others naked too. This boy has a superb pubis, if I had seen him with me, I wonder if I could have concealed my homosexuality ;-)

  3. In the military the definition of a volunteer is the man who got the injection.