Monday, August 9, 2021


Did the Army use civilian doctors for some induction exams?  These guys are in suits,
making me think that perhaps this is an athletic screening exam of some sort.



  1. When I went for my Peace Corps physical, at the Federal Building, the draftees were there, too. We were all stripped, the doc's were in suits, and I just figured they were civilians. Not that I gave it any real thought. I don't know if the draftees/recruits were re-examined when they got to their boot camp, but we were re-examined, given inoculations and so on when we arrived in country.

    1. Interesting that they mixed military and civilians.

  2. Pourquoi n'ai-je donc pas été médecin? J'aurais aimé examiner tous ces beaux petits culs ;-)
    So why was I not a doctor? I would have liked to examine all these beautiful little asses ;-)

  3. I believe we had civilian docs back in 1970. All the branches used the same docs at the same time for initial induction. Once we got to the base, the docs were in civvies, so I'm not sure.

  4. The DOD contracts outside medical help all the time. If you were given a physical by someone in civilian clothing, then they were civilians. More likely in the civil service, as so many retired military join after their 20 years of service. Military Drs. and nurses always are in uniform for any service related work. Draftee exams would be considered a military event and would require a uniform. I was a military brat and both parents were AF medical corps and I've never heard of a military physician giving inductees physicals. So, yes, you are looking at civilian medical personnel.