Monday, August 23, 2021

Upside down

"And this, dear students, is what a naked man looks like upside down."
This was the blurriest of all the photos, so the students didn't get much detail.



  1. It amazes me that anyone could stand on his head without any manual support. Oh, and I like the way things hang in shots of guys upside down.

    1. Well, we don't really know what he's doing with his hands, or at least one of them.

  2. If you look at his front ankle carefully, you can see the outline of a light colored band. While there are some people capable of standing on their heads, they can only do it for a few seconds. Supporting yourself with an ankle strap of some kind would allow the model to hang like that for several minutes. Long enough to take a series of photos and choose the best of the lot.