Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Who photographed Leonard first?

Leonard was killed in 1956, but we know his modeling work goes back at least to 1948 or 49 because all the frontal nudes of him were by Freddie Kovert who killed himself in May, 1949.  Leonard actually looks older in this Kovert photo than some of his work for AMG, so he might have begun even earlier with Bob Mizer.  I thought of doing a "whatever happened" to serie for today's material, but we all know what happened, and the only non-modeling background information I could find was a 1955 Los Angeles County marriage license for a guy with the same name and middle initial.  Probably him, but in all the various reports, I've never seen mention of any widow.



  1. No oil apparent, but his muscles show beautifully. How old was he?

  2. Open to suggestions, easily taking direction, and staying photogenic makes him rare and in demand. Very few if any male models had exclusive contracts with any business, fashion house, or photographers. That's a fairly recent phenomenon as most models remained anonymous, except in the bodybuilder/nude modeling world.