Thursday, September 9, 2021

"Wrestling" physique models

TV wrestling is fake, but wrestling physique models take fake to a whole new level.
Today we look at five pairs of models going at it.  One of these guys looks a little excited.



  1. How could a male avoid getting hard when wrestling naked? If they really wrestled, they would be in contact with each other's maleness, and let's face it, gentlemen, if someone even accidentally brushed the Big Man, he can stiffen easily.

    1. Mentioned before on here, I've wrestled naked a few times for life class. It is tricky to stay under control. We both used the usual life model techniques of maths in your head, think of something nasty and biting your tongue. In one 20 minutes pose my face was inches from my wrestling partner's rather attractive appendage...I had to close my eyes. Great fun though.

    2. The Greeks used a device called a kynodesme (dog leash) to prevent erections. Basically it's a leather strap that you the around the overhang of your foreskin; If it's too short, you pull it forward, which also stretches the foreskin. You can then the the excess leather around the base of the penis, or attach it to a belt.

      It was also invented at least twice in the Americas: In the Amazon Basin, a chord is tied around the waist or hip and attached to the penis in the same way; this was warn all the time until recently, often as the sole article of clothing, save for maybe some sandals or some jewelry.

      In North America, it's standard fare for a sweat lodge in some Plains and Southwest cultures, and was at one time tied to a stake during battle and only another man could untie it. The meaning is clear: If I retreat, I am not a man. Finally, some Plains men's societies were for men whose foreskins were either long (covers entire glans even when erect) or short (glans visible even when flaccid), all of which had to be natural. These societies, who never wore a loincloth during meetings or other functions, were seen as wakan (as we say in Lakota) or mysterious and holy, marked by their creator for destiny In war, representing courage and guile. Brothers (the societies themselves), they were rivals but had obligations to each other. During such meetings, the men with long foreskins painted a buffalo rampant on their breast; the men with short foreskins simply painted their noses red.

  2. Quand j'étais jeune, je me battais pour nous amuser avec un collègue (nous étions habillé), mais je dois avouer que mon sexe était dur comme du bois après quelques secondes. Mon collègue ne m'a jamais fait de réflexion, mais il ne pouvait pas ignorer la bosse que j'avais entre les jambes!!!
    When I was young I would fight for fun with a coworker (we were dressed), but I have to admit that my cock was hard as a wood after a few seconds. My colleague never gave me a thought, but he couldn't ignore the bump I had between my legs !!!

  3. I'm not surprised he's getting excited. The guy on the left is really hot and the photo captures his maleness beautifully. Lovely hangers. Any idea who these two are, Jerry?